Fultz is a Nike Man

Markelle Fultz

Markelle Fultz with without a doubt be the biggest story of next NBA season. Nike obviously thinks so as the youngster just signed a huge shoe contract with the clothing giant. The amount and terms were not disclosed in the most recent update but are more than likely set to be leaked at some point in the near future. Fultz will join the likes of Kobe and Jordan in the list of players who signed with a sportswear brand before even being drafted to the NBA.

As for his professional career. The Philadelphia 76er’s  have just closed a massive deal with the soon to be rookie out of Washington. This trade came after the news that Philly had acquired the number one pick from the Celtics earlier this week. All of this hype raises the question, is he really good enough to outperform his pears at the next level. This should not take away from his incredible athletic ability, most prominently his vertical jump, but we have seen this kind of thing before. Remember Andrew Wiggins and how he was supposed to be the next big thing? Not to say that Wiggins is not talented either, the hype just exceeded his actual abilities for the time being. Just because they are not superstars in their rookie seasons however, does not mean  we should dismiss their potential all together. Greatness may still come for these youngsters.

Steph Curry is a perfect example of a dark horse athlete rising from the ashes. He had been in the league for almost 5 years before he began to get noticed as a top elite player. Now he holds numerous point scoring records and has a championship to back it all up. Lets just hope that Markelle can keep his head straight and focus on what is really important. the game of basketball.

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