Golden Knights Almost Ready to Shine

las vegas welcome sign

One of the biggest stories in the NHL right now, is the expansion to Las Vegas. Head management had finally come to the decision to bring the NHL to Nevada last season, but since then had not taken many steps in putting the plan into action. Yesterday marked a huge milestone in the operation as GM’s of the new Nevada based team received a protection list provided by all of the other NHL teams. This list depicts which players will not be available for the knights to draft. They will pick a full roster from around the league, one player from each team or two players max from one team alone.

While this is an exciting time for hockey fans, it is a very stressful time for coaches, owners, and players. There are a lot of players whose futures are uncertain in the league right now. Not knowing what team they will be apart of in the near future, or even which state they will call home. They may be able to sleep easy for the time being as there are no immediate plans to introduce the Golden Knights into the NHL just yet. There are still numerous hoops to jump through regarding legal proceedings and owners meetings.

It is almost surprising that Las Vegas didn’t acquire a team prior to this. You would think with all of the high end personal it inhabits, that a hockey team would be the perfect addition. A place for all of the big winning gamblers to spend their fortunes. This is the plan but another question arises. Will anyone really wanna watch hockey in the middle of the desert? It sounds just a touch corny doesn’t it? But an important question nonetheless. When you consider that the biggest factor for a sports arena is location. Based on all of the other successful sports that already made their way into Vegas such as boxing, and football, hockey should do just fine. Even if it does reside in the depths of the desert.

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