Jones Down For the Count

The UFC has just announced that Jon “Bones” Jones will be stripped of his third UFC championship belt after a failed PED test. Officials say that there were traces of HGH (growth hormone) in Jones’s samples. These types of substances are banned due to the extreme edge the give to competitors over their competition.

No suspension has been handed out as of now, but UFC officials will most likely agree on a tough sentence as Jones is a repeat offender. The possibility for Jones to win back the belt is highly unlikely. Even if he does not face expulsion from the league, he will be kept under high surveillance by the league for a very long time.

After the Russian doping epidemic went public, officials for every sport tightened their grip on all PED testing. MMA is no exception. Fighters have been tested a lot more frequently than in the past. These tests have also become more sophisticated over time making them very hard to beat.

Fans of the three time belt winner are understandably upset with the news. As spectators, we want to see a level playing field in every aspect of the sports we love. Athletes have a moral obligation to fans to stay true to the spirit of the game/ sport. Without integrity the whole community crumbles and sports as we know them cease to be the spectacle they are today.

Jones is expected to appear publicly to apologize in exchange for leniency on his sentence. The future outlook looks bleak for the three time champ of the octagon, but you can bet he will do whatever it takes to keep fighting.

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Jon "Bones" jones

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