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Demi C Bailey

"At 2:30 pm."

Gorgeous babes squirting all over eachother

Trump can fire Demj. I love how you use 'it' rather than 'he'. sorry, buffoonish (tried to find a better word and can't) could be the leader of the US.

The "investigation" isn't even completed, so why the calls for impeachment.

Gorgeous babes squirting all over eachother

Very cool quote. He new. That's me. They need to investigate all those Dead Republicans. Until Palin, my mother hadnt cared about politics since she was a Goldwater Girl. As in "I find it interesting that there is semen in my beer?" You just made me remember those bad scenesmemoriesI tried to forget.

Not sure on the fame part bro, sure would love the money though. JAF has Ddmi telling me that you are makeing good progress and will soon be ready for Deji training (last step before kick-ass training). the more times heshe has fallen the more knowledge they have acquired.

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Moogutilar | 25.07.2018
thats cool
Dile | 01.08.2018
Wow! I did enjoy watching some of his movies!
Shaktirg | 05.08.2018
& then you hated it XD
Zululkis | 09.08.2018
A weeman??
Teshakar | 13.08.2018
Ah i hate u for ur stupidity
Vikazahn | 15.08.2018
want to be friends *smiles* :3
Zukasa | 17.08.2018
It is pretty nice isn't it.
Kacage | 25.08.2018
Gardar | 28.08.2018
Vocage | 30.08.2018
waiting for the inevitable "they never knew what to do with it" come backs >.>
Kesida | 08.09.2018
Didn't see this one here.
Dushakar | 09.09.2018
Sounds about white
Zulule | 11.09.2018
Noice one boi
Aratilar | 18.09.2018
This actress has the right idea.
Kigrel | 21.09.2018
that'll do.
Mikajora | 27.09.2018
Make them tell the truth!
Sanris | 28.09.2018
cya hoomazz booking ma flight backkuu xD
Virg | 04.10.2018
Btw Energy can become visible. It is called light.
Taular | 13.10.2018
yes, my eyes are silver
Demi C Bailey
Demi C Bailey

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